Fast Timeline

Real estate investors work quickly and do not need to go through many of the steps that a traditional home buyer wishes to complete. Because of this, you won’t have to wait long at all to sell your home. The transaction is simple, efficient, and ideal for time-sensitive situations.

Professional Service

Wistar Real Estate investors have been thoroughly vetted to ensure each one of our clients has a safe, fair experience when selling their home. We absolutely do not tolerate shady tactics, poor communication, or any illegitimate methods when it comes to buying your home. We deeply respect your partnership.

Easy Process

We strive to provide you with real estate services that are as convenient as pressing a button! We believe that you deserve an accessible, uncomplicated option for selling your home so that you can focus on your next chapter. With Wistar, you can skip the listing process and get cash for your home!

No Showings

We understand that keeping your home spotless and ready for showings isn’t a realistic feat, especially if your home could be on the market for months. We care about the big picture of buying your home and know that, until the cash is in your hand, you’re still living in it!

No Agent

Real estate agents play an important role when it comes to buying and selling homes, but that doesn’t mean their services are always the best fit for every situation. When you sell your home with Wistar, you still get the experience and attention of a professional real estate expert without the cost!

Any Property

Whether you’re selling a residential property, commercial building, or industrial structure, we are happy to work with you. Our services work equally well for selling anything from an unused office building to a small home you inherited from a loved one. If you need to sell it, we can almost certainly buy it!

As-Is Condition

Skip repairs and renovations and save time for the things you want to do! Traditional buyers often want you to fix up your home to their liking, but real estate investors have a different perspective. Since they won’t be living in the property, they buy as-in to complete the transaction without delay.

Cash Offer

The cash offer you receive from our real estate investors is fair and transparent. You can decide to accept or decline the offer, as we do not believe in pressuring our clients into any transaction. We also do not charge fees or commission, so you receive the full cash amount — no fine print.