Wistar Real Estate buys cash for homes due to a failed flip in Nebraska.Finding a cheap house that is loaded with potential is exciting and many people have begun flipping houses to make some extra money or to eventually live in. But, for some, the flip could go wrong — you could discover more repairs that need to be done, uncover unaccounted for costs, or simply not have the time to work on the project. 


Ultimately, some home flipping projects fail, and whether the fail happens during renovations or afterward when the house just won’t sell, consider selling the home for cash. In today’s post, we’ll discuss just how easy it is to sell homes that are ‘failed flips’ for cash to Nebraska’s top realty team, Wistar Real Estate.


Cash for Homes

Anyone who is considering selling their home should know about selling for cash and the many benefits of doing so. Certain private groups and real estate companies will offer to buy homes for cash, which lends itself to a rapid turn-around time for the seller. When selling your home for cash, the entire process moves much quicker, from the initial consultation to the closing process, you’ll get cash-in-hand in as little as one week. Additionally, there are other benefits including selling the home as-is, and not having to deal with setting up open houses and potential buyers. At Wistar, we accept homes for cash in any condition, with no need for costly, time-consuming repairs and we take over the selling process immediately, so you can move on with your life. Sell any home quickly, as-is, and for cash with the help of the experts at Wistar Real Estate, serving the Omaha and Lincoln areas of Nebraska. 


Reasons the Flip May Have Failed

When a house is considered a failed flip, it means that there were plans to make a profit off of it or live in it one day, but in reality, the owner ends up breaking even, losing money, not being able to sell the house, or live in it. Here are just a few of the different reasons why a flip would end in failure:

  • New, necessary repairs discovered post-buy
  • Cannot afford to move forward with flipping
  • Not enough time to get repairs done
  • DIY projects that don’t turn out as imagined
  • Unaccounted for costs uncovered (property taxes, etc.)
  • Cannot attend to the project anymore (moving out-of-state, etc.)


Selling Your Failed Flip

If you went through any of the above scenarios, or another scenario that led to a failed flip, we’d like to be the first to say we are sorry for this inconvenience and monetary burden you are going through. At Wistar Real Estate, we’d like to offer a helping hand by taking the failed flip off your hands for cash. Relish in not having to work on repairing that house anymore and turning over the responsibilities to us, while you get money in the bank. Contact us today to tell us more about your situation and get a cash offer in less than 24 hours to leave this failed flip behind.


Homes for Cash Process

We buy homes for cash in Nebraska at Wistar Real EstateSelling your home for cash is a rather quick and simple process that’s done in just a few easy steps. First, give us a call at Wistar Real Estate. We’d like to know more about your home and its current condition in order to give you an accurate estimate. Then, we’ll review your information and come up with an honest cash offer for your home, as it is. You have the opportunity to negotiate the offer with us until you are completely satisfied. Finally, once you accept our offer, we let you pick the closing date and give you the entire lump sum of cash for your home. 



Wistar Real Estate in Nebraska

Serving both the Omaha and Lincoln areas of Nebraska, Wistar Real Estate buys homes for cash, including homes that are considered failed flips. Sell the home for cash to get this burden out of your life forever. Our team of kind, knowledgeable, and professional real estate agents will help you through every step of the homes for cash process. Plus, when you sell your failed flip or another home you own through us, we never take any commissions or tack on any extra fees — the cash offer that we give and you accept is the entire amount that you will receive. To get started, contact us at Wistar Real Estate today.

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